Friday, December 28, 2007

One Last Series From Christmas...

Eve opening a gift from the communal kid's basket.

Eli confiscating showing extreme interest and joy in opened gift.

Looking back over the year...

This project, this project, this project... This project has been a double-edged sword. It has shown my weakness and my strength. It has caused tension with my spouse while also bringing us together occasionally. Looking over the course of the year in pictures as I did just now almost brings the pain that I was experiencing at the beginning of the year too close to the surface. Those photos bring back memories that in my memory happened longer ago than a year so to see that they are still within the past year is strange. I am thankful that time truly does heal wounds as long as the scabs aren't constantly ripped off. What I see happening from the beginning of the year until now, too, is healing taking place not just in me but in my whole family. Never would I have guessed that all five of my kids would be gathering around a basket of gifts taking turns opening them laughing and giggling and later playing Nintendo together. Were Christmas's different in the past? Not exactly but this Christmas I saw more cohesion than in the past. Thanks be to God. I am happy to have shared my pain and joy with my old online friends and my new ones. Peeking in on everyone else's life in photos as opposed to only in words has been nice for me as well.

On an artistic level, I was able to produce a few portraits and a few other photographs that I am proud of. At the beginning of the year, I felt more compelled to experiment and to create while mixing in family photos. I also felt pressure to perform since many of my online friends know I have a Bachelor's of Fine Art. I feel that February held some of my better shots. My self portraits were especially important to me since this was such an emotional rollercoaster year for me. My weakness of becoming bored with a single endeavor reared its ugly head during this project as well. It became burdensome to have to take a photo a day. Breaking my ankle and having my dear G3 ibook die early in the year also affected how I felt about the project. Either way, I feel like I have a (old)new tool for creative expression in my arsenal. The sky, while always beautiful to me, has become even more so.

I have no idea what the future holds in regard to this blog. Posting here and there as I have been for the past few months will probably be the extent of what I do. I'm ready to tackle new art projects, finish that studio of mine, and throw a few more sticks into the fire because that's what I do best.

I love you all!

Handmade Ornaments this Year!

Each year, starting about five years ago, I give the kids each a new ornament for the Christmas tree. When they are ready to start their new homes, they will each have a nice collection that will hopefully bring back fond memories to take with them. This year, I had the inspiration at midnight the night before Christmas Eve to make these santa fish. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute...

There's a Child in all of Us!

You're never too old to play and I can't tell you how many times the scenes of these playsets changed since they were set up weeks ago. I found adults and children alike arranging and rearranging regularly. I did the same. Fun!

Christmas Eve's Birthday!

Eve turned 6! I didn't take photos but Jeff did so here is one... (yes, her hair was might close to the flame!)

The Art Show and Eli's Drawing...

My fall and early winter were spent volunteering at my son's highschool for the performing arts. In that time, I became friends with the three art teachers, two whom graduated from the same art school as me. I also designed a calendar for the school from the student's artwork. While taking up more time than I thought it would, my volunteer position has brought a different dimension to my life... outside positive affirmation of my design and art skills, utilization of my ceramics knowledge and the potential of eventually applying for job teaching part time.

With that said, here are a couple photos from the art show that I helped the teachers to put together.

Eli's still life:

Other student artwork from grade 5th-12th:

Sunday, December 16, 2007