Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our First Book Club!

This is by far not one of my best photos. I borrowed Jess's camera which I was totally not used to. So, this is the best one of the three I took. Oh well. It documents the day nonetheless.

83/365 Mmmm.... Crab Legs and Happy Birthday Josiah!

(Photo from Sunday!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

78/365 Accident Waiting to Happen...

We went to Dunkin Donuts today and there was a rope with a small sign hanging from it warning of possible sheets of ice falling off the roof. Pictured are the sheets of ice.

While waiting for Jeff to get our coffee, I took pictures of the remnants of already fallen sheets and hoped to get a shot of them as they fell. I saw one guy just get missed being hit and had joked with Jeff before he went in about the sign not thinking I'd actually see them fall down.

As Jeff carefully walked with our coffee after I had warned him that I actually saw 4 or 5 sheets fall down, a few sheets started to fall down right after Jeff stepped out from the overhang. I realized they weren't going to hit him so I grabbed the camera quickly thinking there was no way I'd get it before it hit the ground... But, surprise of all surprises, I somehow got a shot of the last sheet. Out of focus, but hey, I didn't even have the camera up to my face. I am SO, SO happy that Jeff didn't get hit but he did end up wiping out on the ice. Luckily, his back is somewhat OK but he is a bit sore.

Mourning Dove Monday...

OK, so I really took this picture today but I've decided the only way I can do this project with my ankle is to take the pictures when I get them. Anyway, the Mourning Doves have moved back into their nest. They've had a nest on our porch for at least the past 5 years. Sometimes they skip a spring. It always makes me happy to see them return and I wonder if they are from the babies the year before. One year, I actually rescued one of the babies and returned it to the nest. I wrote about it on TD and would've posted the writing here but I no longer have access to it because the screen on my old laptop died and TD is gone.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday: Kitchen Colors

This is the corner of the door that leads to the outside in the back of my kitchen. Seeing Julie's table, I had to post this because I find it fun that we have almost the same color kitchen with the same accents. Seeing the artwork hanging in her kitchen is really motivating me to finally hang the artwork I have in there. Right now, some of it is sitting on the windowsill. I have so many projects I want to tackle when my ankle is healed.

What I Wanted to Shoot on Friday...

So this is what I use to cure earaches... it's a remedy I read about in one of my natural health books and I've been using it for years. Microwave a garlic clove in olive oil. If the person is willing, you can put the clove directly into the ear. If not, and this is what I usually do, you mash the garlic a little to let more of it's essence out and then dab a cotton ball in the oil and put it into the infected ear. Garlic is a naturally antibacterial. So far, it's taken the pain portion of Eve's earaches away but she still seems to have fluid in both ears. I'll probably put new cotton balls in her ears tonight and we'll see how it goes. I'll call the doctor on Monday if there isn't further improvement but I've never had to resort to that in the past.

Thursdays Shots

Today was Eve's tryout day at the charter school. Jeff went with her so he actually shot this photo but I wanted to post it to document the day. I love that he caught her amidst conversation. When she got home from school, she started getting an earache so my photo is of Chaya recovering from a short stomach virus and Eve while on Tylenol and thus not screaming in pain...

The Buzz Coffee...

The cup you see is the cup design I used for my short-lived coffee bar... The Buzz. We probably have about 250 of these cups left to use if not more. But, it's all good. It was all worth the experience and wasn't a huge outlay of cash.

And, a good ole self portrait...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 72: Sick Day...

This picture really summarizes much of Jonah's year this year and I'd be concerned except for the fact that the school had a collaboration night in the fall at which they
addressed normal issues that a child faces at various ages and having aches and pains is very common for a child Jonah's age... huh?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 71: Sewing

Yesterday, Eve, Chaya, Jonah and I did handsewing projects. Jonah is making a small pillow but isn't done yet. Chaya is making a coat/cape for her Bratz Cat and also isn't finished. I helped Eve make a cape and a skirt for her dog. She loves this little white dog. She bought him with her own money at Barnes and Noble a year ago. I think the dog looks male but she insists it's a girl.

Day 70- Catalog


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eli's Band...

I am totally stealing this photo from Jeff's 365 because of my lame ankle, I couldn't go.... not to mention the fact that someone has to stay home with the youngers. Anyway, this is my favorite photo of all the ones Jeff shot Friday night. Hopefully, Eli's band will stay together this time around because they are actually quite good and do a good job at writing their own songs.

You can see more photos, including this one, on Jeff's 365.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Day 68: Snow

Josiah's Team Won the Space Day Challenge! (Tues)

Out of 200 teams across the U.S., Josiah's team came in first overall! Woohoo!
The reward is a trip to Washington DC with a banquet honoring the winners and an opportunity to meet various astronauts and congressman. They also will have their project displayed at the Space and Aeronautical Museum for the days they are present.

Cast Off, Cast On

4 weeks in this one and then x-rays and hopefully a walking boot.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday: The Game of Life

Indulge Me: Jalissa or Deff... You Decide!

Sorry, I just had to post more from Saturday night at Jess's house. I thought this had a photo booth feel. Being at Jess's with Jeff really made me realize that Jeff and I need to get out of our house and out with others more often. We had a great time and it was very relaxing.

Jess's House: My Eye View...

Amanda checking in with Jess after playing store with our kids. Our kids play a very advance version of store. When they get together they bring small toys, trinkets, rocks, and money and whatever else they have and set up stands in order to buy and sell from each other. It's quite advanced. Jeff's playing with Jess's camera.

This is a typical facial and hand expression that Jess does when telling about something that frustrates her. I love it. I tried to catch her when she was actually doing it but had to make her do it again because the first ones were too blurry.

This is Jess's new tattoo. Well, new and old. The dove was already there in b/w but a couple weekends ago she went back into the parlor and had the flowers and color added... pretty huh? I think the flowers are mustard flowers but I could be wrong.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Wednesday: American Idol All the Way...

Ah, a new season. I am not even sure why I like this show but I do, it's an addiction. Lakisha is my girl this season although there are a couple other women right up there in talent. My favorite guy is guy with the big curly hair.

Tuesday: Leftover From Saturday and From Christmas

Monday: A conversation with Josiah

Serious stuff.