Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69: Yummy Dinner Ingredients

Tonight I stopped at the State Store and let inspiration be my guide to dinner. I picked up a new Chardonnay to try, Cloud Bay Chardonnay 2005, first.  Thinly sliced steak, a wedge of parmesan cheese, tomato, basil, sourdough bread, then found their way into my cart. At home, I cooked the steak in a balsamic vinegar reduction with fresh garlic. Next, I minced more fresh garlic and basil and mixed it with balsamic salad dressing. I placed the cooked steak on pieces of sourdough bread, spooned the garlic basil balsamic dressing on it, topped it with thinly sliced tomato, and topped it with sliced parmesan cheese. I placed the open faced sandwiches (sandwich doesn't even seem like an appropriate word for this combination) into the broiler for three minutes. Voila! Major yum!